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Start 2 Finish Construction Inc
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by J. Thomas on Start 2 Finish Construction Inc
Their Abilities Are Second to None

Having used this general construction company on two previous occasions, I had no doubt that the results of the new project I was instructed to oversee would be any different. Ultimately, their professionalism, communication, and craftsmanship have, for me, never been in question, and I am pleased to recommend their services to anyone who wants my advice.

by Dorothy G on Start 2 Finish Construction Inc
This Construction Company Is the Best!

Owning your own property is great — it's like having your own blank canvas that you can alter everything to your own taste and style. Even though most of my ideas are way out there, these construction experts seem to be able to decipher my thoughts and create the perfect finished product whenever I need them to do so. I am more than impressed with the quality and sturdiness of each addition they have built for my home, and I will not be searching any further for the next time!

by Margaret L on Start 2 Finish Construction Inc
Now Everything Is Perfect!

I was so disappointed when I saw the kitchen of the new house my partner and I were viewing because everything else was just so perfect. After a little negotiation and my insistence that the owners reduce the price to allow us to call in a construction company to make the necessary alterations, we finally had a deal we could live with. A couple of weeks later, after agonizing over the layout, color scheme, style, and choice of tiles, not to mention the fixtures - we finally had a bathroom I was proud to show all my friends and family. I would like to praise this company for their patience, professionalism, and being able to make my dream of the perfect place to wave the worries of the day away come true.

by C. Stahl on Start 2 Finish Construction Inc
The Man Cave of My Dreams

Most guys out there will appreciate the importance of having a man cave to work out and spend time with their mates. Well, my house did not have one, but after a lot of persuasion, I convinced my wife that this would be the perfect addition. I already knew about this companies basement construction prowess, as a couple of guys at work had used them for the same purpose. I also knew that I was on to a winner because I had seen the results, and they were impressive. I was not disappointed either, and I now have the perfect place to keep fit and entertain - what more could a guy want!

by Brian I on Start 2 Finish Construction Inc
They Can Deliver the Results You Want!

If I ever need someone to assist me with a house remodel again, I will definitely pick these guys for the job. They were on time, friendly, and professional from start to finish, the last time I hired them to take care of the kitchen and bathroom in my home. I couldn't be more satisfied with their work.

by S. Calderon on Start 2 Finish Construction Inc
They Know What They Are Doing!

I enjoy having this company over to discuss the jobs I have planned for the new home I bought. Well, it's not new, it's an old building that I have purchased and want to convert into a place I can live. My funds do not stretch to having all the work done at once, so I am having certain things done at different times. These guys are so patient with me, and I know that when they arrive, they will just get on with the work. See you again in a couple of months for the next phase, which is kitchen and bathroom remodeling!

by Scotty Birchfield on Start 2 Finish Construction Inc
Polite, Friendly, and Hardworking!

As a construction company, I think this team does a great job of everything that is presented to them. They work hard, keep the place clean, and produce the results the customers want. Well, that's my experience with them anyway. They a friendly bunch that is so respectful of their surroundings. No loud music, no shouting, and they took their breaks at set times. I would be more than happy to have them come and do more work for me!

by Mike Bordelon on Start 2 Finish Construction Inc

The guys from this company are so reliable. I often need to call upon them as a construction contractor because I come across jobs that are above my skill level. I know that if any of my clients are thinking about construction, I can always depend on these to help me out. They get all the supplies they need to do the work, and because I use them for different jobs here and there, I will always get a good price, which I can pass onto my clients. So thank you for helping me keep my reputation intact!

by Juliette Nelson on Start 2 Finish Construction Inc
Very Innovative!

Since my company started work from home scheme, I needed a place that I could call my office. I finally decided to see if this basement construction company could help me convert it. They came round to have a look and said it would be the perfect use for it. I had to tell them the purpose I needed for it, and they gave me some great ideas to make it suitable, e.g the lighting, type of flooring, and heating, cooling, etc. One of the guys even built me a desk, how cool is that!

by Donnie Wilson on Start 2 Finish Construction Inc
Great looking Place!

I had a major house remodel project that I was really looking forward to. I was very happy that I hired and got to work with these guys on revamping my home. The guys renovated the kitchen and updated the bathroom in a way I couldn't possibly imagine. I highly recommend this company and its staff.

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